Tadhg Slater Art

Feeling Nosey?

Because you will ask...


From Mud Pie sculpture as a child to my modern day work, I have always been in the arts. I have held solo exhibitions in Boston, NYC, and Salem Massachusetts. 

My Medium


Experimental in nature. I use paints, industrial and alkyd enamels, pigments from modern day, through to the most vintage in Polymer Paints. My works are usually on large canvas (over 4 feet to 23 feet in width). Hand stretching and preparing 90 percent of my own canvas.

WHat makes me do this?


My work reflects the expression of my interpretation of modern events, times, and experiences both public and personal in nature. Always seeking to evoke thought and create dialog. I do not shy away from the controversial and I shine light into the darkness humanity tends to hide form at times.

Different huh?

Basic Bitch Free Zone

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about my work. True, honest, provocative art should make you think. It should wake your senses, and it should most importantly be honest.  (this site is under construction still)

I am an ABPOPEXPERESSIONIST. I accept no rules nor should you. My work is timeless and has a proven track record of being investment worthy with accolades from staff at  The Museum of Modern Art in NYC, to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, while being shown exclusively in solo exhibitions from Salem and Boston Massachusetts to Spring 2020 in NYC. 

Moving forward I have a desire to take contemporary art and bring it to not only metropolitan, but also small town America.